In A Row

There is a very important term when it comes to sleeping.

In A Row

It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get in a night. If it’s not in a consecutive stretch it’s not the restful sleep you need.

No wonder why I am the most exhausted I have been in my entire life. Last week and this week have been especially hard on me. Most nights have been just like last night which looked liked this.

8:30pm – crawled into bed with my book. I read until sometime between 9 & 9:30 when I finally fell asleep.

12:00am – Brian came to bed and woke me up. Within 10 minutes he started snoring horribly. I laid in bed considering my options which included sleeping on the couch and smothering him with a pillow.

12:45am – I must have fallen asleep sometime after this because this is the last time I remember rolling over and seeing after Brian started snoring.

2am – Adam started to cry and whimper. Usually he starts this at about 4am. Yesterday it was 3:30 and last night it was 2. I really don’t like the direction this is going. I laid in bed listening to this until he fell asleep again.

3am – Adam again started to whimper and throw himself around the crib for about 15 minutes when he finally went to sleep again.

4am – Adam started to cry for real now so I crawled out of bed hoping to trip and hit my head knocking me unconscious so I could get some rest. I made it to the bathroom safely and started to heat the water in the kettle.

4:20am – The water was ready for Adam’s bottle, I checked on him and of course he fell back asleep. So I went back to bed.

4:50am – Again with the crying Adam was awake. I made his bottle for real this time, changes his diaper and curled up with him and his bottle. He sucked it back but instead of getting the sleepy eyes, his eyes began to wake up.

5:10am – I put Adam in his crib wide awake because I had to walk away.

5:15am – That whole cry it out thing doesn’t work if the baby isn’t tired. It was apparent that Adam was ready to start the day even though I was not.

Adam is now happily playing on the floor while I am looking forward to tomorrow – Saturday. The one day of the week I get to sleep with earplugs in and a mask over my eyes.

It slowly dawns on me, it’s only Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday which means I get to do it all over again.

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