Japan has Godzilla, I have Adam.

Let’s just say I now know how Auntie Robin felt all those years ago…

When we were little Legos were are our thing. We would sit for hours and build things. Cars, towers, sheep – you name it. However I would always laugh the hardest when Robin built a car out of Lego. I would ask her if I could test it and of course I would send it into a wall smashing it into a million pieces. I’m actually still laughing know as I type about it. (Ok I was a very cruel older sister.) The best thing was she would rebuild it and I would ask her again and she would hand over the car and the pieces flew all over the room. There is something about demolishing something that has just been built that gives some sort of weird satisfaction.

Fast forward to today. I can’t wait for Adam to be old enough to play with real Legos. We have the Duplos right now but he doesn’t quite get the concept. Building blocks on the other hand are his thing.

That is one excited boy over a tower of building blocks.

And with one swift move he pushed the tower onto my head, I swear he was trying to injure me.

So with Adam distracted I rebuilt my tower and was admiring it from afar when it caught his attention.

He’s adorable, admiring such work but when you zoom into his face. . .

Look at that scheming look on his face. He’s determined to do one thing with this tower.

This was a great game for Adam. I’d build the tower 2 blocks high and he would knock it down. I’d distract him with another toy so I could build a wonderful tower and he would knock it down. Over and over again this would happen until I was tired of having my works of art destroyed.

I guess I owe Auntie Robin and apology. . .

Until tomorrow that is when we will play this game all over again.


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