The Fair

Every year for 10 days there is a fair in the city. As a child it was always so exciting. As we came out of school and saw our parents waiting for us, they would give us some excuse that we had to go do errands or had an appointment however they would end up taking us to the fair. Even a few times I’m sure my Mom wrote a note to the teacher saying I couldn’t do my homework that night.

It was always so much fun, my sister and I on the rides over and over again. There were so many things to look at. Buildings and buildings packed with exhibitors, people wanting to sell you a water purifier or a person wanting you to try a new type of massage guaranteed to take all your aches away. There were always lots of free things too. We’d come home with magnets, pencils and lord knows what other promotional item someone decided to use.

Over the years the exhibitors have cut back, maybe a sign of the times. As I grew older there were years that I went to the fair and years that we decided it was just better to skip it and save our money. This year however we went back and forth on if we wanted to go or not, we looked at advanced tickets and decided not to get them because we really weren’t sure if Adam was going to be into it. After a few weeks and discussions even up to this morning we said, why the heck not. He might love it and to be honest I haven’t done as much with him as I could have this summer so maybe there was a little guilt pushing that need to take him.

So we packed up the car and his bag with cash in hand we headed out.

It started with $10 for parking. We were there early and was able to get a very convenient spot. We had to walk around to the gate where admission cost us $24. Adam thankfully was free. I was starting to get a sour taste in my mouth because of the cots already to get in and I started to go through my head all things we could have put that money towards. I quickly told my brain to shut up, the money doesn’t matter right now.

We headed right to the livestock pavilion which I am always impressed with how interactive you can be with the animals. It’s a great place to pull out the camera and snap some pictures. They have a maternity ward so they bring in all sorts of pregnant animals due during the fair so you can see the babies pretty much as soon as they are born. I was so excited to take Adam here because he tries to be friends with the cats, my Dad’s dog and really doesn’t have much success. Here he could be friends with ALL the animals he wanted to.

Guess what – his face looked like this the entire time.

Adam seemed interested in this photo –

This is what we were looking at –

I thought for sure that Adam would pet our friend here but he whimpered the entire time (Adam that is, not the cow) –

Awwe look at the brand new baby pigs –

Look at Adam’s face –

Cool, Chickens laying eggs as we watch –

Again, Adam’s face while watching the chickens –

Everyone loves baby chickens right? Apparently not. . .

We even had a nice cowboy stop and bring his horse really close to Adam, face to face and Adam wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

Ok, so the animal pavilion didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. I was more excited to pet the animals then Adam was. We would go up to an animal and Adam would start to whimper. We would kneel down to the animal level and he would grab on for dear life. Whenever an animal made a noise he would get this funny look on his face like what the heck were we doing here?

We decided we had enough of the animals and decided to walk around the fair. We had some lunch, and checked out the exhibits. I had entered the fair a few times but decided this year not to because the last year I did the same woman won first prize in every category. She also won second and third is some categories as well. I wanted for curiosity sake to go and see who had won this year and low and behold it was the same woman, there was also a new name who won in many categories. I really think this is crap. This has been years and years of her winning. I think the fair should maybe retire her from competition or look at some new rules. Until this happens I will not be entering any more photos there.

During out walk Adam came across something that he had a lot of fun on –

He looks very at home on a John Deere, don’t you think?

We walked around and looked at how many coupons each ride took and I decided to buy some because I would probably feel guilty if we left and Adam didn’t get to ride on something. I got the tickets and we walked back to the children’s rides. We went to one I wanted Adam to go on and in that short walk he fell asleep. My rule is never wake a sleeping baby, however I had just bought non refundable ride tickets so you better believe I was waking him up. I did it ever so gently and we got on the ride.

He was curious at the beginning and neither Brian or I knew how it would go.

Oh great – now he wants to pet the horse! After spending all morning trying to entice him to do this all we had to do was put him on one! We started to move and another very common face of the day came over Adam.

As the ride went around and around, onlookers were asking how old Adam was and were impressed with how well he was doing, and how much he was enjoying it. I’m sorry to the other children who were on the ride and whose parents were ogling Adam more than their own children. I hope your therapist is a good one.

Adam at the end of the ride. I think it is pretty safe to say that he had a real good time riding the horse.

It was daddy’s turn and Brian took him on the merry-go-round.

It started well however I don’t know that Adam didn’t like it as much as he was so exhausted and probably starving from the busy morning. The next time they came around I took this picture.

So shortly after this picture we decided it was time to go home. Adam was exhausted and it was much hotter and nicer out then I expected it to be. Not to mention Brian and I were tired too.

When we came home I figured out how much the time we spent at the fair cost us. We were there for 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Parking  $10
Admission $24
Fudge $7
Shannon’s Lunch $7
Brian’s Lunch $7
Ride Tickets $12
Elephant Ear and Pop $8
Cotton Candy $8
TOTAL  $83

Ouch that hurt a little bit. Brian and I were discussing on the way home from the fair how expensive it was and Adam can’t even say I want to do this or I want that yet.  We discussed that maybe we should look into the country fairs that are around us. There are many that are within a 20 minute drive. I looked on websites when we got home and admission prices are about half of what they were today. We might be onto something, ditching the city fair and checking out the smaller ones around the area.

I sit and blog, slowly melting cotton candy on my tongue reflecting on the morning. Yes we spent way too much money for a little over 2 hours of entertainment but the laughs I had with my family and the time we spent together was worth every penny of it.








3 thoughts on “The Fair

  1. Thorndale Fair is where it’s at! I’ve been every year and this year I’m so excited to enter Casey in the baby show. It’s in two weeks.
    PS Adam is the cutest, as always.

    • No other baby has a chance if Casey is competing. I’ll keep an eye out next year for Thorndale’s fair. I think we’re done for this year. Next week is Doors Open so maybe we’ll hit something that interests Adam.

  2. […] year I wrote about Adam’s first trip to the fair. I went back to the post and read it and it’s amazing how much Adam has […]

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