Doors Open – Part 1

No this isn’t another blog about Adam and his love for doors, however somehow he does manage to fit that in. This blog is about a 2 day event that happens throughout Ontario. It’s called Doors Open. The idea is that local area landmarks and places of interest open their doors free of charge for people to tour. It’s been going on for 10 years and every year I think I should go but there always ends up being something that prevents me from participating. This year there were 52 locations around the city that were open and waiting to be explored. I asked my Mom if she would like to go with me because there was one place I really wanted to see. I received a reply with her not knowing what this event was. After I explained it to her and showed her the paper insert she was game. We also extended the invite to G.G. who also was up for an adventure.

The one place that I really wanted to see was the old hospital in the city. They are working towards tearing it down because it will be cheaper to rip the building down then to refurbish it into something new. There is a lot of debate on what is going to go in the space but if I had my way, I’d buy the building. I don’t know what I would do with it but I would love to own such a building. The museum set up many historical displays returning the empty rooms to what they once were. This is the first time that there was public tours and it is the last time that there will be public tours. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if I think about it in 5 years when Adam is old enough to know what this building was chances are it isn’t going to be there anymore.

We started up on the 6th floor of the building which was the trauma unit. As each unit and floor closed down, staff members left messages on the walls which were really cool to read. There was even a full room with hundreds of names and dates written on the walls.  Here are 2 of my favourite ones.

We then proceeded to the operating rooms. I tried to go into one but my nerves got the best of me. I have some unresolved feelings and issues from my C-Section with Adam. I did find a cool phone.

It’s always good when they clearly mark the phone – HELP, you know just incase surgery isn’t going the way it should. From there we went into the laboratories where only Adam would find a door he could play with.

Really? Need I say more? Of course I am the only parent in the world who stood there laughing as he played with the rusty possibly dangerous door. Don’t worry there was nothing actually in the cupboard for him to get his hands on.

One of the last places and the one I was most excited to see was the morgue. Yes the morgue. It was in operation for at least 40 years and did on average 500-600 autopsies a year. How many chances as a living human are we going to be able to go check out this room. We’ve usually already checked out by the time we even attempt to see it.

Well at one point there were dead bodies in there. Does that freak you out? I know I can’t go into an operating room but I enjoy a morgue. I don’t understand it either. If you look very carefully there is a special message scrolled near the top of the picture.

This is one of the original autopsy tables from around the 1940s. It was pretty beat up. Adam quite enjoyed this part of the tour. He sat in his stroller eating Cheerios like we were walking through the park. I’m actually working really hard on giving him material to tell his therapist when he’s older. I want to make sure we get our moneys worth.

I found these instructions taped to the wall interesting. It’s always good to have things on paper especially if you end up with a dead body in your possession and aren’t sure what to do with it.

It really was a cool tour. It was busy but not unbearable. It was really neat to talk to the volunteers and see many old staff members and listen to them reminisce about their times there. From there we went to another very exciting spot – a fire hall. I had to laugh at my Mom because she really wanted to go see this building because she didn’t know it was there. I kept asking her how she didn’t know this because she works a few blocks away. It was very exciting because luckily no one decided to burn their house down and the fire engine was on display.

Adam got to sit in the fire engine. He also got to talk to a fire fighter. His conversation didn’t go much further then DaDaDa, but I think the fire fighter enjoyed it.

Adam then proceeded to check the chrome work on the front of the engine. He was quite content to put finger prints on every inch of chrome he possibly could. We then took him inside to play with the fire pole.

I don’t know who was enjoying it more. Gramma or Adam.

From there we went for lunch and then filled the afternoon with 2 more stops. Tune in tomorrow for Doors Open – Part 2


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