Doors Open – Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post – Doors Open – Part 1.

Yesterday we had left off at lunch and then decided to visit the RCR Military Museum in the city. This was a bit of a special stop because all 3 of us had not been there in years and my Grand-dad was in the military.

As you enter the museum there are “gold bricks” on the walls. They can be purchased to honour the memory of a comrade who has passed away, or to immortalize a legion etc. Shortly after my Grand-dad passed away he received 2 “bricks” ones from his comrades and one from his closest army buddies. This picture was Adam looking and touching the “brick” not realizing the importance of it was.

We then proceeded into the museum where there were artifacts and exhibits for us to look at and enjoy.

This is only a snippet of all the photos I took there. Really it is a very cool place to go check out and learn about the history and about the history of the RCR based here in the city. The excitement was a little too much for Adam.

Our last stop was to the Pioneer Village. As you might remember Auntie Andrea and I made a trip here earlier in the year which is documented on this blog. The one big difference from our previous trip and this trip was there was a lot more going on in the village. There were more displays and people dressed up and acting in the proper period behaviour. I think it was a little too busy for the animals because they all seemed to be hiding this time. Adam’s favourite character was this gentleman.

He was outside the tavern playing his harmonicas and Adam was so intrigued with the funny noises the man was making. Not to mention that he was really good at playing. They had square dancing in one hall and paper crafts in the school. There were hay rides and period games in the square of the village. It was a very bustling town and I enjoyed it as much the second time around this year as I did the first.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post there were 52 locations opened and we only made it to 4. It did continue yesterday however I had another engagement to be at so I wasn’t able to squeeze in any more visits.

There are still a few towns that have their Doors Open coming up and I think we’re going to try to make it to at least one more, however next year we are going to be better prepared and watch for it earlier because we missed several amazing opportunities in other locations that happened earlier this year. If you haven’t participated in this before I highly recommend you do it next year. The best part of it is there is no cost at all. No admission fees, no parking fees. All the things that you sit and think I would like do to that but I don’t want to pay for it, or the chance to uncover some hidden gems you didn’t even know existed in your own back yard. It is time well spent.


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