A Sick Baby

Adam is miserable. I can’t blame the poor kid. He’s had a fever of around 102 degrees for almost 24 hours now. He’s had a few breaks in that time but for the most part he’s just plain old miserable.

For 2 nights now he’s kept me up for most of it. Whimpering, crying and letting out this high pitch squeal that Brian and I have never heard before. We even turned on the Central Air for him last night to try and stabilize the temperature in his nursery. It is a little heart breaking to see him like this, however secretly as exhausted as I am I love the cuddles.

Everything in my world stops when Adam doesn’t feel well. I love curling up on the couch with him and watching cartoons with him and providing him with a comfort that no medicine can provide. It’s ok with me if we sit like this all day.

I of course don’t want my baby to be sick so I hope he feels better soon.

Unfortunately I think all of this is related to teething and not the cold virus. I’m treating it like a cold with homemade chicken noodle soup and lots of Vaporub massages however the amount of drool that is pouring out of Adam’s mouth and the need to chew on everything tell me there are more teeth coming.

Whatever it is I’ll take care of my baby and take all the cuddles I can get. He’s not going to want to cuddle me forever.



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