A Good Idea At The Time

Have you ever had a good idea then afterwards you wonder why the heck you did it?

In my head if all went according to plan this would work out perfectly. A couple weeks ago my work called me and asked if I could come in and help with inventory. It was a week before I was scheduled to go back but I honestly was so happy they asked me. I always enjoy inventory night. It’s a lot of fun so I of course said yes.

The shift was from 3 – 11:30pm. I asked Brian if he could wake up Sunday morning with Adam so I could sleep in a bit and rest up. Then he would have to take care of Adam for the day.

I should point out that Adam has been sick all week with an ear infection and come Friday and Saturday I was feeling horrible fighting this cold.

I slipped into bed early on Saturday to sleep off this sickness and with Brian getting up with Adam I could squeeze in a few more hours.

Sunday morning at 5 am Adam started to cry and it woke me up. I laid there in bed waiting for Brian to move. 10 minutes went by and it was apparent Brian wasn’t moving.

I rolled out of bed bitter and angry to tend to Adam who was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. He was hungry. As I was getting his bottle ready Brian rolled out of bed because the cat woke him up.

After Adam was done his bottle Brian took him downstairs and I spent 10 minutes in bed coming to the realization that I was not going to fall back asleep.

After a shower and scraping up some food for breakfast. Brian HAD to go back to bed. He was still tired. As he was sleeping away the morning I made the discovery we were out of milk, cat food and more importantly formula.

So I packed up Adam and made the trip to the grocery store. Tried to plan meals as I was going up and down the aisles. Making sure I got everything needed on my list.

After returning home Adam went down for a nap and after the groceries were put away I curled up with my book because I was too exhausted to do anything else. I had been up for 5 hours and it would be at least 15 more hours before I would find my bed again.

It was finally time for me to head to work and I was excited to get out of the house. We counted and counted for hours but we finished counting early and I was able to slip out at 11:15 pm. If I could be asleep by midnight and if Adam could sleep until 7 am all would be fine.

As I curled up in bed the snot started to run out of my noise and down my throat, causing repeated trips to the washroom to blow my nose. It was finally 1 am when I found my way to dreamland.

Of course Adam decided that is was a good morning for a 4 am bottle. The whole morning feeding ritual and easing Adam back to sleep takes at least an hour. By 5 I was back in bed battling with the idea of sleep when at 6 Adam decided it was time to start the day.

Brian thankfully got up with Adam but the 30 more minutes that bought me before Brian’s alarm went off wasn’t enough.

In the past 30 hours I’ve had less then 4 hours if sleep. Things were looking promising when Adam went for a nap and I crawled into bed at 9:30 this
morning. That was until about 10 minutes later when my cell phone started ringing with a call I had to take. Of course this also woke up Adam and all promise of a nap went away. On a positive note the phone call was confirming what teas I like because there are several free cases coming my way. (I’ll blog about that a different day.)

So it’s almost lunch time and I’m wondering what my chances of slipping in a nap is this afternoon. I’ve spent most of the morning debating canceling my planned activities for this afternoon and this evening. But I’m leaning towards keeping them.

What really scares me is I am returning to work in a week and these 20 hour days are going to be happening more and more often. On days like today I feel like I can’t do it. Adam has been miserable and has spent 80% of his time crying and whining because he’s still not feeling well. I’ve been forcing myself with what little energy I have to console him and clean my house from the weekend.

Christmas can’t come soon enough. I really need my requested Tasimo machine if I am going to survive my crazy life.

As for that great idea of working inventory . . . It doesn’t feel like such a good idea now.


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