No Luck At All

My Mom said something that is so true today and it has made me smile all night long.

If you guys didn’t have bad luck, you would have no luck at all.

She is so true. Our luck this year with things has not been the best. For all those who have missed my previous blogs here are the items that have died on us this year.

  • My DSLR camera died in the spring. Being a photographer it was something that needed to be replaced.
  • My laptop started with 2 lines going through the screen, several months later it has 4 lines going through it. It’s not dead yet however I was given some gift cards which totaled to enough to purchase a net-book.
  • Our dishwasher, it kicked the bucket real good. We just happened to know someone who had one in their basement and they were kind enough to donate it to us.
  • Our 1997 Neon. This too was a bad thing however we are surviving. I’ve not yet had to take the bus anywhere and we are managing with one car. It was a sad day when we drove it to the Junkers, not quite sure it was going to make it but too cheap to pay for a tow.
  • The element in our oven went, we anticipated having to buy a new stove however $30 later and some handiwork we were able to give it a second life.
  • I’ve not blogged about one of the latest situations however we have an electrical issue in our kitchen. The circuit that pretty much every light is on it acting wonky. It’s going to cost about $75 dollars an hour to have someone come and troubleshoot it. Long story short, we’ve been cooking in the dark or by the light over the stove.
That brings me to the latest thing to break on us. That stove we gave a second life to a few month ago has kicked the bucket for good. We’ve changed the fuses, reattached the elements and have come to the realization it’s dead. On the plus side it’s just the oven part that is dead, the stove top works fine right now. It makes it difficult to make a birthday cake however we have access to the oven next door. Have I mentioned how much I love my parents?
After all of this I had a little cry yesterday but got over it quickly. There isn’t much we can do about these things breaking. We don’t have a magic ball that we can see these things in our future. Everyone has years like this, they test you in every way possible. However it really does make you appreciate what you have more and how hard you’ve had to work to put a roof over your head and food in your mouth.
Things can always get much worse. There will always be something else that needs to be done. Our current list includes:
  • 3 all season tires for the car
  • new battery for the car
  • oil change for the car
  • fix the electrical problem in the kitchen
  • weather-stripping for the doors
  • filter for the furnace
That is what I can rhyme off the top of my head. Of course it all costs money. I keep hoping to win a lottery, however then I think about my luck and decide to save the money and put it towards what we need.
It also has dawned on me that the people with no luck in this world are probably some of the happiest in the world.
I would rather have bad luck, then no luck at all.

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