My OCD Baby

I have always taken pride in having a clean house. I’ve mentioned this several times before in previous blogs. I have however been able to let things go. Big deal if there is some food on my floor or dishes in my sink. My house will be clean again and I would much rather spend the time playing with Adam. I’m starting to look at my house as lived in and not a showcase of what we have accomplished in life.

Adam for at least a week wasn’t sleeping through the night. One night it sounded like night terrors, with Adam screaming every hour and a half. The following night he didn’t sleep well either and the pattern continued night after night.

I’ll admit Adam’s nursery needed some TLC. Laundry needed to be put away and he had made a mess in every corner of the room playing with everything he could get his hands on. It’s his room and it made him happy so in my eyes there was no issue. The room exploded over a few days. We’ve all had a room do this at least once. If you say you haven’t you’re lying.

After another sleepless night I received a phone call from Brain’s Mom saying she can come over and play with Adam if I wanted to get some things done. I jumped on the opportunity and started cleaning some rooms that needed it. Adam’s nursery was the first one to be cleaned. Back to magazine perfect.

Well guess what happened that night. Adam slept through the night. I’m not kidding, over 12 hours he slept. He was a happy camper when he woke up.

Later that day it dawned on me. Maybe Adam needs order in his nursery to sleep properly. Maybe he has inherited my need to be surrounded by a clean and orderly environment.

Wondering if it was a fluke, I waited to see what happened the next night. Again he slept through the night with no problems.

Brian and I have agreed that his room is to be kept as clean as it is now. Maybe it was different shadows that the night-light was casting on the walls or maybe it was the cats playing with different things on the floor but if all I have to do is keep his room perfectly clean for him to sleep through the night, I’ll be cleaning it every day.


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