Christmas Spirit or Lack Thereof

For Adam’s sake I’m really trying to get into the Christmas Spirit but I’m finding it really hard.

When did Christmas get so complicated?

December is probably the most stressful month of every year. Not just the gift giving, attempting to make time for family and friends but the work aspect of it. While everyone is getting a week or two off to celebrate and relax, I’m working more hours, under more pressure then ever.

I was hoping this Christmas season would be different because I am only working “part time” however I sit here feeling more pressure because Adam is now in our lives and everyone wants him to be a part of Christmas celebrations.

Last year wasn’t an issue because I was off on maternity leave during Christmas so we had the time as a family to truly celebrate and enjoy. This Christmas not so much, and considering we only have one car now orchestrating being in two places at once is going to take some skill.

I have to assume I will be working anytime between 6am and 7pm on Christmas Eve. I will have Christmas Day off however for the sake of family I have requested the 12am shift for Boxing Day. That way I can at least be physically at Christmas dinner if not mentally. This means to squeeze in 3 1/2 hours of sleep that night I have to be in bed at 7pm Christmas Day.

Christmas Day I actually set my alarm because we have to start early to get everything in. Opening gifts with my Family, brunch and opening gifts with Brian’s family. Sometimes we can squeeze an hour to breathe in there and then dinner with my family.

Boxing Day I work and then we have dinner with Brian’s family. We have made this work for years however Brian’s family has decided to move their dinner to Christmas Day. . .  how the heck are we going to make that work? I was up half the night trying to figure this out because I don’t want to have to drive across town 2 or 3 times on Christmas Day. My family is very relaxed about Christmas dinner however my Uncle travels every year to be with us for this time so having dinner with him has always been important to me.

Honestly, if I could afford to I’d quit my job because it’s just a job and family is so important however if I can’t provide for my family the holidays mean nothing anyways.

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping for the sake of I don’t want to go near a retail store in the month of December and I finished with the hopes that it would relieve some of this stress. As well as we had a very tight budget this year and making Christmas happen took a lot of hard work and creative thinking for gifts.

I always type up a newsletter for the Christmas Cards I send out. This year I threw the idea past Brian of not doing one and he insisted that too many people would be disappointed in not receiving it. I know some people do read it however it’s funny how many people don’t know about this blog, which had a featured section in the newsletter. I guess we’ll do an experiment and see if my traffic jumps after I send out my Christmas Cards.

I pulled out the Christmas decorations out of storage today. I had a brief moment of Christmas Spirit when Adam started to discover all the interesting noise making things I have in the many green totes. Then he started to throw a fit and I looked at the mess that just ensued.

I am contemplating putting up my outdoor Christmas decorations today. It’s sunny and warm and would be a perfect time to get them up. I sit here though thinking of the fact that I will then have to take them down in the cold snowy weather and that it’s just too much work.

I’ve even considered not putting up a tree this year because of the amount of work it is. I usually end up putting it up alone because Brian isn’t really interested year after year in doing it.

I am really worried I am a lost cause this Christmas and it’s killing me because this Adam’s second Christmas but really it’s the first one that he is noticing and appreciating things. If not for me I should be putting forth the effort to make this the best Christmas Adam has ever had.

At this point I am almost ready to do away with Christmas, especially if it makes me feel this horrible. Am I the only one who feels like this? Is it because of age that the magic is gone and I can see the naughty and nice list all too clearly?

I’ve tried blaring the Christmas music this morning but that didn’t work. I feel as if consecutive viewings of It’s a Wonderful Life are in order. Maybe if I ring my bell wreath enough my own personal Clarence will arrive to help me through Christmas.

There is a month for this Grinch and her attitude to get turned round.

Clarence buddy, you better show up soon.


One thought on “Christmas Spirit or Lack Thereof

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