The Twofer

I know what the heck is a Twofer? You know two for. Two things for the price of one. When you listen to people talk it ends up sounding more like twofer.

I’ve spent hours and hours looking at vending machines. Offices, hospitals and even the lunchroom at work. I am a tad of an expert at being able to predict what will get stuck and am
able to pick out which choices have a higher chance of dropping two items.

Well yesterday when I went for lunch the vending machine caught my eye. There was a Snickers bar teetering in the machine and even from across the room I could tell it was a twofer.

I sat down beside my sister who I never get to work with and whispered my plan as to not give it away to the other employees having lunch. I opened my wallet and pulled out a $1.35 and walked over to the machine.

It wasn’t giving up the candy without a fight because it kept rejecting my loonie and asked me for exact change. I became even more determined now to get two items.

Years of experience told me that if you put a loonie in a machine then pressed the change button it almost always gives you quarters back. So I slid over to the pop machine and did that. Low and behold the machine gave me quarters! I collected my change to discover the machine only gave me 3 quarters back. It was on to me – well played pop machine. I’ll consider that a service fee.

So that left me scrambling to dig up another 25 cents which with the help
of Robin we did. Another employee was on to what we were doing and we began discussing how it could be a gamble and both chocolate bars could get stuck.

I had gotten this far – I was willing to gamble my $1.35.

I walked over to the vending machine and put in my exact change.

I pressed D7 – hitting the 7 button a little harder because it doesn’t always work on the machine.

The coil started spinning, one Snickers fell and as I watched the second Snickers fell too.

I collected my items and sat down beside Robin gladly handing over my second bar.

Victory never tasted so good.


One thought on “The Twofer

  1. Gotta love it when that stuff happens!

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