Brush Your Teeth

I always call Adam my baby but really he’s turning into a little man. He’s doing more and more little man things everyday but my newest favourite thing is brushing his teeth.

I had purchased a finger toothbrush for him however now that he has 12 teeth I am a little scared to put my finger in his mouth. While at the pharmacy I picked up a toothbrush and some toddler safe toothpaste. When we got home after dinner we introduced the toothbrush.

At first Adam didn’t want it in his mouth. Then as he was laughing because he finds fighting me is funny I started to brush his teeth and he realized the toothpaste tasted awesome. Someone was thinking – make the toothpaste taste good and kids will brush.

The next night I thought it was so cute I showed my Mom. I had only brushed Adam’s teeth two times by this point but he understood the concept and exactly what to do. During this time my Mom reminded me of a children’s song that she sang. Now she says it’s by Sharon, Lois and Bram however I cannot find a version on the net of it. I’m building the ultimate children’s music collection so I’m sure in my adventures I’ll f ind it. For now the Raffi version will have to do.

I sing this now whenever Adam has his toothbrush in his hands. Adam also will not hold the toothbrush alone, he knows the toothpaste goes with it so if I don’t give it to him he will find it. It amazes me how he knows that. I know this is normal growth but it still blows me away when he figures things out like that.

So at the end he’s more chewing on the brush instead of brushing but he’s headed in the right direction. I’m sure he’s making dentists around the world proud.


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