17 Days of Sickness

We’ve been lucky with Adam being a pretty healthy baby. However I have to admit that when he gets sick he goes all out. 17 days ago Adam developed a fever. We went out for the morning and he was fine. The afternoon he was really tired and didn’t eat lunch but I figured he was just tired and he at so much while we were out that he was just full.

His fever presented with no other symptoms, he was drinking but he stopped eating meals. He ate a little bit but this went on for 5 days. He was up and down like a roller coaster. I figured it was a viral infection of something, there have been some nasty bugs going around and if it’s a viral infection there isn’t anything you can do but wait it out anyways. I finally decided to take him to the doctor. Since it was the weekend I made an appointment with the Doctor’s Relief Service.

The doctor there said since he had pneumonia before and didn’t present any symptoms we should take him for x-rays and the only place to get x-ray on Sunday is at Children’s Emergency. She said we should go so away we went.

For those who know me I am very much anti-emergency room. Unless you are carrying a limb in your hand or dying I don’t feel there is a need to go. Family doctors can order x-rays and tests. We have a bit of an issue with emergency room waits and if people didn’t come to the emergency because they have a sniffle then those who have a serious issue wouldn’t have to wait for hours.

On the way to the hospital I seriously considered just waiting until Monday to call my family doctor, Adam was staying hydrated and still playing but then it would be apparent he wasn’t well. So I decided since a doctor told me to go to emergency I should listen. She was the one who spent years in school studying.

When we got there not a single person was in the waiting room. I was very optimistic for a quick visit. We saw the triage nurse and then was asked to sit down and wait.

There was something so sad but so funny about Adam playing in a hospital gown. It would have been cute if he didn’t have a diaper on. At this point he was  playing and acting like there was nothing wrong with him. We waited and waited surprisingly for at least an hour. What they did was waited until enough people came in to fill the section we were going into and took us all in at the same time. I thought it was a little silly doing this but I guess it’s easier if you have one doctor to do this.

We discussed Adam’s symptoms and what is going on. We didn’t talk to the doctor we had a resident taking care of us. She decided an x-ray wasn’t necessary but she wanted to check for a UTI. So we had to wait for Adam to pee. He finally fell asleep and got some rest which was nice. They did the test and it came back clean. The resident said it was probably something viral. If he’s still the same in 2 days then come back but wait it out.

Well I could have told you that 2-3 hours ago. Adam was on and off. He went to bed early. At 10pm he woke up screaming unlike anything I have ever heard before. Adam would not let us hold him, he was rolling around on the floor clenching his fists and then repeatedly hitting his head on any surface he could get close to. I called my Mom and asked her to come over to look at him.

Something was wrong and she suggested we head back to emergency.

So there we were at about 11pm waiting in a secondary waiting room because it was very busy. We waited and waited. We were taken into a room where a resident came in and discussed everything and he had the chart from our first visit earlier in the day. He pointed out that Adam’s lymph-nodes in his neck were swollen but he was thinking that he wanted to x-ray Adam’s stomach. He however wanted to have the pediatrician working look at Adam.

She came in and agreed that Adam had at least a throat infection or something going on but she suggested that we have an x-ray of Adam’s chest. According to her this cold season pneumonia has been presenting itself without any other symptoms.

An x-ray later showed something in his right lung, but the pediatrician didn’t want to diagnose it as pneumonia. She did however bring up something else. She said that she wasn’t

comfortable with the size of Adam’s heart. It may have just been a shadow from all the wiggling during the x-ray. So they moved us to another bed and we began the war of trying to get Adam hooked up to an EKG machine. I’ve never had my heart sink so low as I did that night. It was so hard cuddling Adam with all the probes and wires hooked up to him. The nurses had to take blood work as well. They took a lot too, but Adam was a trooper and he cried and cried and rightfully so.

The hours went by, faster than expected. It was 5am when the pediatrician finally felt that Adam could go home. His heart was fine, blood work was fine and she wanted a second opinion on the x-ray so there was no reason to hang out at the hospital any more. They would call us at home if they determined what was going on.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for a much-needed coffee. Adam went right to bed and slept unlike he had slept the 5 days before. I stayed up until a little after 7am and then finally went to bed. I went 23 1/2 hours without sleep. Who needs sleep anyways? Adam slept and slept and when he finally woke up he ate something and started to feel better.

The next day he also felt better but still wasn’t 100%. Whatever was happening or maybe he picked up something else but this turned into a horrible cold. The sneezing, running nose and coughing; poor Adam just can’t catch a break right now.

We’re onto 17 days of Adam being sick, he’s slowly getting better but I wish there was more I could do for him. He’s eating now which is great. he’s still having a hard time breathing when he lays down so he’s not sleeping through the night every night. It really sucks having something linger this long or back to back sicknesses. I know this is only the start but I am very much a Mom who likes to expose Adam to germs because he’s gotta build up that immune system. Hopefully by the time he gets to school he’ll be almost invincible to these germs.

As for Brian and I;  Adam is getting better we are both fighting a sore throat. I guess we should have expected that. . .


One thought on “17 Days of Sickness

  1. Awww. How scary for all of you. You are a great Mommy Shan. I hope that Adam feels better. You guys are amazing parents, he’s one lucky boy.

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