Me and My Big Ideas

Tonight I’m exhausted. It’s been a long week so far and tomorrow I “start” my work week.

As Adam and I are sitting on the couch, iPhone in my hand and Adam’s iPod in his. (Yes my child has an iPod but that is a blog for a different day.)

It’s bed time and I don’t feel like fighting Adam. I am already feeling guilty from pulling him away from all the fun he was having earlier in the day outside. So I say “maybe tonight it’s ok if we let him take his iPod”

Brian scooped Adam up from my side and carted him off to bed. There was no crying or whining. It was peaceful.

Then I have a thought. Adam sitting in the dark with his eyes glued to the screen. Parenting fail – I’m totally destroying my child’s eye sight. The next thoughts that cross my mind are things like we’re over stimulating him before bed and he’ll never sleep now.

Yet I can’t go into the room and take the iPod away.

He’ll fall asleep or the battery will run out. Eventually the fun will stop.

Brian comes into the bedroom with the baby monitor.

This is too funny, however the sudden idea that the battery in this thing is 6-8 hours.

Me and my big ideas –


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