Close, Open, Split

Those who work with me will appreciate this post. They probably already know where this is going.

This weekend is one of those funny weekends. Sometimes we dread it but also we know that there will be a lot of laughs and shenanigans.

I am working the sometimes dreaded close, open, split shift.

Today I work from 1-9:30pm, then Sunday I have to be back at 7am for a meeting. That goes from 7-10am then I have a scheduled shift from 2:15pm-7pm.

Crazy yes but it’s a pay cheque and it’s good knowing I’ll be surrounded by almost 100 other tired people Sunday morning.

I take comfort in next Sunday I am not schedule to work at all. I’m thinking it’s a cruel April Fools joke. Then the following weekend I booked off because I need a moment to breathe and I think I’ve earned it.

Things could be worse.

I could be the poor soul who has to work 7am-7pm tomorrow.


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