So Did Adam Walk?

Back on February 10th I wrote a post titled Adam’s Deadline.  The long and short of it was that Adam had until March 30 to learn how to walk. Adam was taking steps on his own but never for an audience. He’d always walk when you had your back turned or your eyes closed. You’d catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye and the second you turned around and reached for camera he would drop back down to his knees and not walk again until he was sure you weren’t watching. He also wouldn’t get up on his own, from his knees to his feet. He would always want to hold your hand.

We had come to terms with the fact that Adam will walk when he is good and ready, on his terms and his terms only.

On Monday, March 26th while I was at work I received a text message from Brian saying there was a video I needed to see. I asked him to e-mail it to me but instead he uploaded it to YouTube.

Well I guess Monday was the day that Adam came to terms with walking because from what I have been told he went like this for almost 2 hours! Adam finally decided to walk run. I kept having images of Forrest Gump in my head. When he was running across the country and people were asking him why he was doing it and he answered I just feel like running.

The next day when I saw Adam do this I was so excited. Many people said I would dread when Adam starts walking but this is actually fantastic. We can actually walk, or take him outback and let him roam free. It’s fun to watch him walk back and forth in the house like he’s a prisoner in Alcatraz.

He spent the week practicing at home, outside and anywhere else possible. So he was ready for the big fundraiser he was participating in.

Adam I am happy to say did walk at the fundraiser. Holding hands and on his own. Here is a little clip of me chasing him.

He was quite a sport during the fundraiser, he was a little bit of a grumpy pants but that was understandable considering it happened right in the middle of his nap time.

The organization had set a goal of raising $20,000 and Adam had a personal goal of raising $200.

I’m pleased to announce that the fundraiser brought in over $30,000 in funds.

As for Adam’s goal of $200 he blew it out of the water with help from some of the best co-workers on the planet (at my work) and raised:


Have I mentioned how proud I am of my son? 

As for walking, Adam is showing no signs of giving that up any time soon. Which is good because I am loving every minute of it!


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