The Child Leash


Yes that is my son and yes he’s on a leash.

Ok the practical term is a harness, nonetheless this is one of the greatest things ever invented.

Since Adam started walking running I’ve had a hard time teaching him of dangers. You put him down and he’s gone. I’ve watched him walk right off curbs, run into the road and into people. Luckily I’m never far behind him however when I pick him up from these dangers a tantrum ensues.

I decided to try a leash harness. It has been fantastic for us because Adam thinks he’s achieved independence from Mom and Dad however really we still have control.

In the mall he hams it up walking up to people waving and starting conversations. Things take a bit longer because I just follow Adam and eventually we’ll get to where we are going.

The leash won’t be forever. Just until Adam understands reasoning a little more.

At first I was worried I would be judged however I’ve had so many people tell me it’s a great idea and many people seem to appreciate that I’m not letting my monster run wild.

I do let my monster off the leash but only at the appropriate place and time and those stories are for a blog on a different day.


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