It Was a Good Idea at the Time

I have already had a few it was a good idea at the time moments being a parent and I know there are many more to come. My most recent one started off harmless enough.

I had the fridge open and Adam reached in and grabbed a hard-boiled egg. Adam ran off giggling and really what harm can a hard-boiled egg do? So I let Adam run around with it and he was so happy to hold it, examine it and even bang it on a few things.

He was having a great time so as he was distracted I took the opportunity to work on dinner. He stood on the chair (a common practice for him) and was quiet. I poked my head around the corner to find he managed to get a finger size hole in the egg and was picking out the insides and eating them.

At this point I figured he hadn’t had an afternoon snack and peeled the rest of the egg for Adam. Again this seemed like a good idea. Adam took a few bites and I went back to prepping dinner. He started giggling again and I looked in his direction to discover he had mashed the egg all over the chair and was stomping on it.

Ok, not such a good idea. It was a pain in the butt to get cleaned up.

However it has restored the confidence that buying second-hand leather furniture was an excellent decision. Could you have imagined if he had made this mess on fabric?


One thought on “It Was a Good Idea at the Time

  1. Haha! With kids in the house, you could probably start a segment on your blog called “It was a good idea at the time” lol.

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