A Dirty Day = A Good Day

In our world a dirty day is a good day.

If Adam does not get dirty, scrape himself and get a new bruise somewhere on his body he did not have a good day.

I wonder why other parents don’t take this philosophy. Yes it does result in more laundry for me, more floor washing and more baths. However Adam is going to be the furthest thing from a bubble wrapped kid when he grows up.

Why as parents are we preventing our children from having the childhood we had? There are many things that I did and it makes me nervous thinking of Adam doing such things, but I was outside everyday. Some will argue times have changed. I don’t think times have changed that much, I think that the dangers have evolved just as society has.

I live within 2 minutes of a school but on weekends you’d never know. Where are all the kids? It’s not often you see kids playing outside. I don’t understand why.

I’m starting a revolution – I’m letting my child be a kid. I’m letting him play, and get dirty. I’m going to let him climb a tree and fall out of it. He’ll learn not to be scared and how to properly fall. I’ll let him get scars, because some scars tell some pretty cool stories.

I’m going to play in the rain with Adam, we’ll splash in puddles and pick up worms. Probably while
others look from their windows and think we’re crazy.

Forget about the dirt, it will come out in the wash. Get dirty and enjoy life!



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