Arguing with a 19 Month Old

I really thought I had some time before these so-called “terrible twos” started however I seem to have been blessed with a tantrum throwing child early. Adam is a very independent and strong-willed child. Apparently just like myself as a child. When he is with anyone else in the world he’s a perfect angel but when he is with Mom he’s going to test me and see how far he can go and how many buttons need to be pushed before I blow up.

I realize that as he can communicate better things become easier. He still can’t tell me he’s bored or has a headache or something is bothering him so when he doesn’t want to do something or has an issue he throws a fit. I appreciate this and understand it.

I also was under the impression I still had some time before I would get into arguments with Adam. Our arguments at the present time are more humorous then annoying. I know I’ll look back at these arguments when he’s a teenager and wish he argued like this again.

For your entertainment, our argument from this morning.



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