When Did Life Get So Busy?

June is almost over and looking at the calendar for the month I can’t help but ask when did life get so busy?

Granted my life had always been busy and my Mom says I’m just like my Dad trying to cram as much into a day as possible and I’ll admit it is true.

For June my calendar looked like this:


In all of June I had a total of 4 days with no commitments. There are days where I feel like juggling 2 part time jobs, my own business, caring for a toddler and maintaining a house is too much but in June I was able to do it and still squeeze in reading on the patio, scrapbooking and occasionally take a deep breath.

We’re coming up to a long weekend and after tonight I have 7 days off from my main part time job, then Friday when I am done my site visits I won’t have to do that job for a week or two. Saturday, Sunday and Monday have nothing written on the calendar and everyone who we would usually spend our free time with have plans.

A quiet 3 days at home. I’m sure by day 2 we’ll all be going stir crazy and looking for things to do. However the idea of a long weekend is such a treat (I usually work weekends).

Life is busy, once in a while you have to stop and relax. I’ll do that this weekend and then get back to the grind.

Honestly this is my life, most days I love it and if given the chance I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.


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