Mind Reader

I wish I could read your mind Adam. For the past couple of weeks you haven’t been yourself and you’re still at the age that you can’t articulate what is going on with precision.

Yesterday you were up at 4:30 crying and just wanted to be held. We spent most of the day in bed cuddling and you were so happy with that. You played in the laundry and giggled as you threw the laundry in the air. But then you didn’t eat breakfast and really didn’t eat a lot all day.

Today it’s 8 am and you’re still sleeping, not making a sound. It’s ok when you do wake up if you just want to sit in front of the TV and cuddle. Whatever makes you feel better.

You’re not running a fever and I have a long list of things it could be. Your teeth could be bugging you, you might have allergies or caught that weird thing that is going around at gives you a bad headache and makes you dizzy. It could just be the pressure change because we’ve entered another heat wave. You can be fine one day and then the next just want to cuddle. In the morning you seem so blah and then in the afternoon after a long nap you’re a ball of energy.

I wish I could read your mind and figure out what exactly is bugging you. Unfortunately I can’t and Mommy is trying her best to make you feel better when it seems like you’re off.

It’s times like this I can’t wait until you can say that your head hurts, or tell me you’re tired. Until then I’ll keep “troubleshooting” you until I figure out what is wrong.


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