I Am An _______

Alyssa over at Apple Pie and the Universe  wrote an excellent blog about stereotypes and how what you were may not be who you are today. It’s part of the I Am An _____ Meme. To be honest I had to Google what the heck a Meme was. She’s asked others to join in and write a post. I feel as if I have gotten it all wrong compared to the other ones I have been reading, however life is not about comparison so here is mine for your enjoyment.

When I was a small child my mother describes me as a difficult child. I was always asking questions, wanting to know what a word in a book said or how to write that word. I was the child who never sat down, sat still or ever took a nap. I cried while watching the Price is Right when the mountain climber fell off the edge during the cliff hanger game.

In elementary school one of my teachers noted on my report card that I was the only girl who went into the building block area when the rest of the girls went to play in the kitchen/house set. I had many friends who even this day I still speak to, and even speak to their parents. I was always helping the disabled children, there were children in walkers I helped use the washroom, then played with at recess. There was Dennis in a wheel chair and I remember the summer vacation when my Mom told me he died. The following school year was not the same and I missed not seeing him and siting beside him in class. I was a teacher’s helper for the French teacher and she was always my favourite. She’s not teaching anymore but even after all these years we stay in touch, how many people have one of their elementary school teachers on their Facebook? In elementary school the only thing I wanted in this world was to be an Astronaut or an Astronomer. I had a teacher who got me the press kits for shuttle launches. This is what I was going to do with my life. I was very involved with the church serving as the first female altar server to serve and serving as the Funeral Team captain.

When I was outside of school I’d spend my time with my best friend in the world Justin. We’d spend all our free time fishing, hanging out in the forest or playing the Fugitive. We had a police scanner and often beat the cops to neighborhood calls on our bikes. I played with Transformers and Legos. I had every single G.I. Joe ever made thanks to older cousins and Ghostbusters was my favourite.

When I was younger I spent a lot of time traveling with my Dad. I was probably the only kid who could fill out a Bill of Lading and clear a truck through customs. During these times I met a man named Mike Weir. Little did I know this customs broker would eventually be playing in the PGA with the likes of Tiger Woods.

When I started High School it was an adjustment however I quickly made friends with some of my best friends now. I discovered as much as I loved science and math I truly sucked at it. My parents paid for a tutor however the dream of astronaut and astronomer quickly slipped away. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I loved history. As all my female friends were taking parenting, cooking and home economic I found myself being the only girl in Automotive and one of the few girls in tech class. In accounting I achieved a 98% average. I was the girl all the boys wanted to be friends with but never girlfriend material. Then the school offered some computer certification courses and I was accepted into them. At the moment I found something I could make a career out of. It was my last year of high school. It was because of this class I had my first date, the guy who asked me out just happens to be my husband today.

Through high school I still spent lots of time traveling with my Dad. I spent usually 5-6 out of the 8 weeks off traveling through the US. I’ve seen amazing places and have done amazing things. I spent a lot of time playing video games and painting ceramics. I played baseball and hated reading.

While all my friends decided to return to school for grade 13 I enrolled in a vocational college to obtain my Network Engineering Degree. This was the first time in my life I worked towards something and found difficulty obtaining it. I did get my degree however failed at several certification attempts. I spent time trying to break into a field dominated by men and once interview after interview failed to get me into the field I ended up taking a job in retail.

In the mean time I got married to my high-school sweet heart and we started building a life together. We spent the early years playing lots of video games together, and watching movies. The first couple years we worked opposite shifts of each other. We would only sleep in the same bed at the same time one day a week. (Occasionally more if the schedules worked out.)

I started to volunteer with a non-profit agency creating annual videos for their volunteer recognition events. These videos are shown to an audience of 200-300 people every year. Every year the bar is set higher and I wonder how we are going to out do the previous year. I  purchased a DSLR and my love for photography grew even more. I ended up working on a contract for the university in town and started my own photography business. I didn’t travel as much as I did before however I did spend time fishing on the lake with my Dad or taking photography road trips around where we live.

Brian and I bought a house (well a condo but it’s still ours and we love it!) we started to paint walls, rip up carpet and tackle the never-ending list of jobs around the house. When we were settled and the time was right we decided to grow our family.

Now Adam is in my life I stepped down from my full-time position in retail to care for him during the day and then work evenings and weekends at the same place I started 8 years ago. I’ve also taken a second part-time job to try to help out a little more. During nap times I am found cleaning the house, working on side projects and finding that balance between what the worlds needs from me and what I need to do for myself. I sit back and watch someone else cut the lawn now and take care of the outdoor maintenance. I have a little area that I can garden in and I love that area. It’s just the right amount of space and work that I want to do.

When I do have free time I love to read now, I love to scrapbook and I wish I could dedicate more time to fishing and video games. I do love to watch TV, or movies too.

I am a Mom, Wife, Employee, Entrepreneur & Volunteer.

I’m not anywhere close to where I thought or planned to be but –

I am Happy!


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