Emotional Baggage

This past week has been emotionally hard, and even though things are calming down I am still feeling stressed out attempting to get on-top of the pile of photo editing and work that has been neglected. I’ve felt overwhelmed by emotion, tasks and the pressures that are put on me everyday.

What makes things worse is if I have a mini breakdown it tends to be when it’s just Adam and I. I feel like a horrible mother because when I start crying Adam gets a look of fear. He gets really quiet and starts to pout and then slowly comes over to me and starts to hug me and rub my back. I feel like I am putting too much emotional baggage onto this poor little soul. In my mind he should be having carefree days and not worrying that Mommy is crying.

However on the flip side it makes me feel so much better that I have an empathetic child on my hands and that he understands that Mommy sometimes needs to cry too. It makes me proud that he tries to console me, and I hope this is a skill that will follow him as he grows.

Maybe my mini breakdowns are leading to something much more positive then my puffy eyes and mental exhaustion.


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