Hot Potato

It’s 6:40am and I’m wired.

I rolled over and checked my e-mail this morning and received the e-mail I’ve been waiting for since June.


The Wiggles are coming to my city! I am so excited over this and I will be taking Adam to his first concert. Unfortunately he’ll probably never remember it however it does score a point in the totally amazing Mom column.

The Wiggles announced that Greg, Jeff and Murray are all going to retire at the end of the year. This broke my heart a little bit because when you replace 3 out of the 4 performers it will never be the same. When they announced this they announced one last tour with the original Wiggles.

I said regardless of cost I was taking Adam to this show. I try to have no regrets in this life however one of them is I never got to see Brett Farve play for the Packers. Yes I’m comparing the Wiggles to a football player but every game that came up something happened or it was inconvenient, not enough money and so on. Then he retired and and I was crushed.

We have once chance to see the original Wiggles, we are going to jump all over it.

I remember seeing some of my favorite musicians in concert as a child. Others are foggy but those who took me remember them.

Depending how much it is, I may even break down and buy a meet and greet package if there is one available.

The countdown begins!

It’s Wiggle Time


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