Review: The Christmas Wedding

The Christmas Wedding
The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

James Patterson is my favorite writer. I collect his books, well I did before a child came along and money had to be better used. I’m finding more and more that I am disappointed in his books. He started co-writing with several different authors and in turn is putting out 5 or more books a year however the quality compared to when he writes on his own isn’t there.

This was no exception. His previous love stories where he wrote on his own were fantastic. They made me laugh and made me cry. This book, The Christmas Wedding was flat and uninspiring.

The plot could have so much potential. A bride getting married on Christmas not revealing who the groom is, even to the groom until she’s at the altar. Well the person she picked was predictable, the story didn’t progress and the focus on the family story around her was a gloss over and filler to what could have been a complex, involving story.

On the upside it was a quick read, unfortunately that is about all it offered.

It’s sad when I give 50 Shades of Grey a higher rating then a James Patterson book.

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