Is This Suppose To Be Fun?

On the weekend my Dad invited us down to port to see the tall ship that was there over the weekend. They had a midway and my Dad was so excited to take Adam on the rides. We walked from the marina down to the festival and Dad eagerly bought ride tickets. They had quite a few rides that Adam could go on, either alone or with an adult.

We spotted a train and since one of the things he’s all about right now is trains we thought we would start here.


Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. It did go a little fast, and as Adam went around twice he kept saying “NO! NO!”  Luckily Adam was the only kid on the ride so when we asked the operator to stop he did so I could retrieve my terrified child.

The next idea we had was the merry go round. What child doesn’t love the horses and the joy of going around and around to cheesy music?


Oh wait, as it turns out my child doesn’t like the merry go round. Adam held on so tight I thought my head was going to pop off. Then he buried his head so deep into my neck it almost hurt. He kept saying “OFF! OFF!” We didn’t stop the ride this time since I was holding on to him and he wasn’t crying.

When that ride was over we decided not to torture the poor guy any more. We still had tickets left over so Auntie Robin and I decided to use the rest and have some fun.


We spun around and around, screaming and laughing. It was a lot of fun. As children our favourite rides were the ones that made us dizzy and I guess that is something we haven’t grown out of yet.

Adam however didn’t find this amusing at all.


Once the ride tickets we gone it was time to walk the pier and see the tall ship. It wasn’t very tall but it was a ship that I had seen on TV on a documentary so that was cool. Adam loved looking at the ship and enjoyed the cotton candy that Granddad was feeding him.


It was a fun and exciting day. Our annual fair is coming up in a couple weeks and after this excursion I think if we go we’ll just be going to see the animals and not bother attempting any rides at all.

I guess Adam is just too young to realize that this stuff is suppose to be fun.


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