Monks, Tigs & Those

Last week with my Mom being on vacation we decided to take Adam to the zoo for the first time. The zoo is a little bit of a trip from our house, taking a little less than 3 hours to get there. However with some planning, and co-ordination it ended up being an awesome trip. Auntie Robin and Uncle D drove up and met us at the zoo and Brian took the day off as well.

We kept telling Adam about this place called the zoo however you can tell a toddler anything and unless you show them it’s useless. It’s really special to discover things and look at the world through a toddlers eyes. The zoo is rather large and we didn’t even visit everything we could have. When we first started exploring the first exhibit we went to was to see the “monks”. In Adam’s world monks = monkeys. I wasn’t sure if he would catch onto that we were suppose to be looking at animals. When we went in, his face lit up and there was such an excitement. He pointed and started to repeat “monks” over and over again. He got it, he watched the monkeys sit and play and he was able to point them out and count them.

The next animal we went to see were the rhinos. They had a large rock barrier surrounding the rhinos so I sat Adam up on them and held onto him. He pointed out and very happily said “cows”. We corrected him and told him that he was looking at rhinos. He picked up and repeated the word rhino with no problem at all. Then will as much noise and volume he could muster he started to moo at the rhinos. The pointing and mooing continued, as it turns out in Adam’s world rhino’s moo.

This photo was taken later in the day at a different rhino exhibit, however the mooing stayed the same.

We then went inside to a building that had butterflies, birds, fishes and more monkeys. There were butterflies everywhere and Adam again was so excited to point and look. He was pointing out the birds and wanted to pet the butterflies. It was amazing to see how quickly he picked up on things we were saying and then repeating them

Then we went looking for the next animal and as we were looking into a cage Adam kept saying “tigs” which means Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. My Mom and I were trying to figure out why he was referring to Tigger when it dawned on us. We were looking at the Siberian Tiger sleeping, who just happens to look like Tigger. Smart kid, silly adults.

The day continued with Adam blowing our minds coming out with animals that we didn’t even know that he knew. Turtles, snakes, bugs and so on had his attention all day. When he didn’t know he was happy to point out and ask “those?”

One of his favourite animals where the giraffes. We tried to leave that area several times and Adam just wanted to “watch giraffes”. Maybe because they were so tall and they were moving around more than most of the other animals but there was something about them that he loved.

What also shocked us was how good Adam was, after being in the car for so long we weren’t sure how he was going to handle being out in the heat, without getting a nap but he really never melted down. A few times he sat on the pavement and it turned out he was just tired so we put him in the stroller. The trooper he is however spent most of the day walking the zoo.

This is where the leash which I blogged about before came in handy. Some people hate it, however Adam was able to investigate, go up to the glass and run around on his own terms, thinking he had his own freedom however still within the safety of Mom and Dad.

I also handed over my camera to Aunite Robin to play with. (A very hard thing for me to do, however I wanted to enjoy Adam’s discovery instead of taking all the pictures.) The silly girl took over 800 photos. It was very hard to go through and edit out the good ones, which I haven’t really done yet. I just went through them and picked out some for the blog.

We usually go to the zoo in October, however we thought we’d try in the summer this year. Sometimes not all the animals are on exhibit because the temperatures get too cold. I found however the zoo was a zoo with day camp trips and parents with wagons full of kids. Whenever we go in October it’s very quiet and tranquil and comparing the times I think the animals are a lot more active in the fall too. I think our next trip will be pushed back into September or October again when school is back in and the world is back working.

Regardless it was an awesome time with everyone and the joy that Adam got out of the day is priceless. We’ll make this an annual tradition.

For your viewing pleasure, a few more photos, courtesy of Auntie Robin.


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