The Child Who Acts Out

Apparently the twos are terrible. I would say that I may have even gotten a taste of things to come as I blogged about a horrible day in Child for Sale. However I feel as if I am having one of those lightbulb moments and may have found the key to surviving the terrible twos.

Have you ever taken a moment while out and about to watch other parents deal with a child throwing a fit? Have you ever watched what a parent is doing when their child is screaming at the top of their lungs in the grocery store?

As it turns out and in most cases here in our house the child just wants your attention.

At the age of two kids know they can do things yet still don’t have the exact skill set to accomplish them, they know what they want but have a hard time articulating it.

There have been many times that I would classify Adam as being “terrible” in the moment, or later in the day however when you examine the situation, I was occupied with something. It could have been making dinner or sending an e-mail or even taking a moment to go to the washroom. That is when he seizes the opportunity to be a little monster.

The moment I stop what I was doing and redirected my energy and attention to Adam the behaviour stopped. I realize that as parents we can’t drop everything at the demand of a child however allowing Adam to assist me in whatever task I am trying to undertake allows me to provide the attention he needs while still accomplishing things.

Kids a are going to act out, they are going to demand attention. They’re going to push boundaries and all of this is a right of passage and a part of growing up, however if as adults we stop what we are doing, drop to our children’s level and give them even a minute of our attention at the moment they need it maybe the terrible twos will turn out to be the terrific twos.


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