Don’t Leave Home Without It

Before I begin there is are a few things to fill the backstory.

In the spring one of the cats puked on the comforter that I absolutely love. I’ve spent all summer trying everything to get this stain out with no success.

Last night I lost my iPhone somewhere in the house and wasn’t able to find it.

After visiting almost every go to place for bedding in the city, last night I settled on a comforter set from Walmart for 38.88. The theory was that we would use this until I found something we absolutely loved. I got it home put it on the bed and Brian hated it. I was given advice by my Mom and it’s totally paid off. Spend the money on good bedding and you’ll have it for years. It’s true because we are still using bedding we purchased after our wedding almost 8 years ago and there are still many years of use left in them.

When I woke up this morning I headed to the Internet, the plan was to return the bedding to Walmart and then order something online.

I ventured over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found exactly what I wanted. I checked out the cost of shipping and it was going to be about $30. The location in our city isn’t open yet. They actually just put the walls up so waiting a few months didn’t seem like a good option. I checked out other locations and there was one about an hour and a half away.

Since I am working a late shift today I decided to head up there with Adam and let Brian sleep in. I looked at the map, had the address and was weary about leaving my house without my phone but I have a GPS in the car so I should be fine.

We got to the city fine but the exit I thought I was suppose to get off confused me so I pulled over and pulled out the GPS. I typed in the address and the address didn’t exist. I typed in the closest intersection I could remember and that didn’t exist either. I knew generally where it was and if I looked at a map I’m sure I could find it.

I stopped for gas and did the one thing that I swear no one ever does anymore. I purchased a map. Back in the car I opened it up and guess what? The road didn’t exist on a brand new printed map.

What the? It was at this moment in life I realized how valuable my iPhone is. I know the road exists because before I left I checked it on my iPad and saw the road on the map myself. I saw the map on the Bed, Bath and Beyond website. This place exists – why can’t I find it?

So I proceeded to drive, 45 minutes later, after making educated guesses and checking out every shopping plaza on the map I found it, which by way the massive shopping center was not indicated on the map.

Adam and I happily went into the store and found an associate. We got talking about finding the place and she says it’s the number one complaint they get. I guess technically the road is a private drive so it’s not put on maps, but the private drive has a name. I asked her about the item I saw online. She looked it up and believed it was an online only item.

At this point I was ready to cry but I started to look around and we kept talking. I mentioned that at work we are doing inventory and she pointed out the top stock (stuff high up) and said it was a pain to count. Then I noticed something that looked like the online item. I asked her if she had any of those down and it was the exact item I drove all that way for.

Apparently I had a comforter before this one I loved, but I seem to be forgetting it. I decided to buy some nice new sheets to go with it too. We went to the Walmart next door and return the other item that we disliked. Compared to the new stuff I asked myself what I was thinking.

We headed home which was much easier to do then get there, and many people offered suggestions on the route.

When we got home I went right upstairs and put everything on the bed. I had to make sure after the adventure and money spent that it was beyond perfect.


It is so incredibly soft and cozy. It’s exactly what I wanted. It was worth getting lost and the time to get there and back.

I can’t wait to curl up in it after work tomorrow in the wee early hours.

I know what you’re thinking. Can you curl up in it too? Come to my house and ask me nicely and I might be happy to oblige.

As for my phone. Brian found it this morning when he woke up. It was under the bed.

A lot of headaches today would have been saved if I had my iPhone with me. Instant up to date information on demand at my fingertips.

What did people do before these high tech devices? I know one thing for sure.

I will never leave home without it again!


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