What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! I’d like to take this opportunity to share with the world a few things I am thankful for.

My Family – Brian and Adam are the world to me. Everything I do is done with them in mind. They make me laugh and sometimes make me cry but through it all they love me unconditionally. They are there to laugh with me and they are there to wipe the tears away.

My Extended Family – There are times that we have all rolled our eyes at the thought of getting together with the aunts and uncles. We remember how crazy they drive us and remember last time when . . . however there is also nothing more enjoyable then seeing your whole family together in a room. Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have the majority of our family withing a 60 minute drive. It very often makes holidays crazy however they do tend to be unforgettable.

My Job – Even though I am not happy with my job right now I am very thankful to have one. Many people can not get a job right, or will not work for less money then they did their previous job. I am lucky enough when I walk into work to be greeted by hugs and blown kisses. I love my co-workers, they too always are able to make me laugh and if I’m having an especially hard day I am bombarded with hugs. We can have amazing conversations or crazy ones that make us laugh hysterically while customers look at us like we’re crazy.

My Home – I’ve been reading more often that less and less people are able to afford a house. I wonder however if they are aiming for the $300,000 or will settle for something smaller. Brian and I don’t have an overly large house but it’s home and we love it. We’ve thought about moving and the discussion never goes longer then 2 minutes. We generally have good people surrounding us, we have large play spaces and we are in a great location.

Health – I am a healthy person, sure improvements could be made however I can hold my own. I am not on a boat full of meds and can run around with Adam. I am thankful for my whole families health and for the fact that when we have been sick we are in one of the leading cities for health care. I also have doctors that truly care who remember who I am when we run into each other.

Living Next Door To My Parents – When I first bring this up many people look at me like I’m crazy. If you haven’t met my parents then you don’t get it. When I point out the reasons it becomes clearer. Living next door to my parents I am very thankful for, especially now that Adam is here. It means we can usually have a babysitter in less then 10 minutes, they let us take whatever we want out of their fridge. We don’t have far to travel for family dinners. I am thankful that we have the type of relationship that can allow us to be neighbours and still have enough privacy to live our own lives.

My Talents -I have blogged before about things I do and how they have touched people. I am thankful for my photography because I have captured moments that people have treasured forever. I am thankful for my creativity because I have been able to create videos that have been shown to hundreds of people and receive cheers and roaring applause. I am thankful for the patience to scrapbook and capture these moments in a creative different way then just putting them in a photo album. I also am thankful that I am always willing to try and learn new talents like cake decorating or sewing. My mother taught me last night how to make Adam pants without a pattern. She did so in 15 minutes. I am going to maybe start trying this stuff, she always made amazing things for us as a kid so maybe she can mentor me so I can learn how to sew and do the same for Adam.

I could probably go on and on about how lucky I am in life and how much I have to be thankful for but I shall stop here because the above that I listed are truly the ones that make the foundation of life.

Take a moment today, since everything is pretty much closed and there isn’t anywhere to go to remember what you are thankful for. Look around and notice the beauty that surrounds us and maybe like myself you’ll realize the list goes on and on.

On a side note this photo was taken with my iPhone and edited with my iPad. How cool is technology. Yet another thing to be thankful for.



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