Just Call Me Macgyver

Remember the show Macgyver? He could be locked in a room with a fork, spoon and candle and within 30 minutes have a sophisticated device built that will save the world?

Well I can do that.

Ok not quite but I am a pretty resourceful lady.

Last night I put on a pair of my favourite high heals and dressed up nicely for a thing called a date night. Apparently it’s this thing that a couples do. The plan was to go out for dinner and the to a concert.

We headed downtown and had a wonderful dinner in one of our favourite restaurants. We were really early so we went and had a coffee and then we went to another place and I had a few drinks. As I hopped off my bar stool I came to discover my shoe came apart and looked like this.


This discovery was made at 7 pm downtown on a Sunday night. There are no stores open to go buy a new pair of shoes, glue or anything to repair these shoes. There are a few options. I could pull the sole off the shoe and walk lopsided. I could walk in my socks all night (probably not a great idea knowing downtown), I could try drive home, change my shoes and hope I get back in time for the concert or I could be Macgyver and get creative.

The solution costs a whole 50 cents, a few weird looks and sticky fingers.

The solution –


Double Bubble, Bubble Gum. 25 cent bubble gum fixed my shoes. It took two pieces. I sat near the machine and started chewing with one shoe on and one shoe off. The police officer patrolling started to look at me funny but didn’t waste too much time watching. I strategically placed the gum on the soles and put them back on. The blue gum started to ooze out from between the two parts of the shoe but it held and I didn’t care.

My shoes stayed together until we got home and as I got out of the car the gum gave way. The funny thing is the other shoe did the exact same thing.

Life isn’t about what happens to us but how we deal with it.

Don’t let a broken shoe ruin your night. Channel your inner Macgyver, think outside the box and fix it. You may just find the humour is silly situations like this one.

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