I have always been interested in statistics. You can learn a lot from them. Keeping track of numbers you can measure how well you are doing and devise ways to improve. One of my 2012 list things was to blog more. I think when it comes to number of blogs written I am down over the year. I haven’t looked at those numbers yet however I am on track to have more page hits than last year.

One thing that has interested me since I started blogging is where my traffic is coming from. Now I always have to keep in mind that some of these locations have only been to my site for one view so it’s quite possible it’s a computer bot randomly hitting websites. As well as some people come to the site and leave right away because it’s not what they were looking for. I know my blog She Think My Tractor’s Sexy has generated hits from search engines for girls and tractors. These viewers have been let down and probably didn’t look much further when they realized there wasn’t a picture.

Occasionally my mind wanders to why the heck would someone from Qatar want to read what I have to say, as well as what if there are people who I don’t want seeing my blog to see it. These are questions I evaluate on a regular basis and adjust my behaviour accordingly. I must strike a balance between doing what I love and protecting those close to me.

One of the features I love about WordPress is that they provide a map of where the traffic visiting my site is coming from. They provide a nice map and a breakdown of views from country.

These stats are from February 25th to present day. I have had hits from 73 different countries with the top 5 being Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India.

As mentioned before these hits may not be actual people viewing the blog but it’s still cool to see that my little corner here on the internet has made it around the globe. Maybe one day the map will be completely filled in. If it doesn’t get to that point I won’t be upset either.

This information has prompted me to access a map and look up some of these countries. It’s a lesson in geography, a very fascinating one at that.



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