Where Does He Get This Stuff?

I’ve been doing some research on speech development in toddlers. Taking into consideration every toddler is different and that everyone learns differently I’m curious to know what is expected as “normal”. In no way am I concerned about Adam’s development, I’m actually curious to see if he is advanced for his age.

The general consensus of my family is yes.

I’ve read that most doctors at the age of 2, 50 – 100 words is acceptable development, as well as being able to string one or two words together.

Which leaves me to wonder, where the heck does Adam get this stuff? You know how kids say the darndest things, Adam is actually impressing me and blowing me away with his conversations. They are still choppy however we figure he has about a 300 word vocabulary at minimum and he’s stringing together 5 to 7 word sentences.

The other day we laughed so hard. We had a diaper mishap, someone decided in one go to empty every fluid he drank all day. My Mom was taking him up the stairs and was asking him if he was wet. Adam responded, “Yes wet, like Grand’s boat.”  This blew us away once we stopped laughing because Adam hasn’t seen my Dad’s boat since at least August, and how the heck does he know to associate wet to a boat? Yes boats go in the water however that seems like quite the comparison to make for a 2-year-old.

Also the other day when we were at my parents we heard the dog upstairs and he pointed up and said “Bud sleep on bed all day.” He is right, Buddy is very old and he does sleep on the bed all day. Does he remember this from a previous conversation my Mom and I had about Buddy?

He’s doing things like pointing out stuff we’ve never shown him, a clock with roman numerals for example.  He knew that it was a clock, he knew that the numerals represented numbers because he started pointing to them and reciting one, two, six. Not the correct number to a roman numeral though, he’s not boy genius. He also knew that when we asked him what time it was he pointed and responded 6 o’clock. Not the right time either but how the heck did he know that and where did he learn that?

Maybe I don’t give Adam or other toddlers enough credit. Toddlers are super smart and maybe us adults are the slow ones for not recognizing it. It’s fascinating to watch him everyday discover or say something else new. I love listening to what he has to say because he’s full of stories and information that he’s bursting to tell someone.

I don’t recall anyone telling me how cool this stage was. I know I’ve been told the twos are terrible however if it keeps up at this rate I say the twos are pretty awesome.


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