Does This Mean Elmo’s Dead?

Is Elmo dead? Is this the end of Elmo?

I’ve spent a few days debating if I was
going to touch this subject and I’ve decided that I need to for one reason –

my heart is broken

When the first allegations were made against Kevin Clash I believed it was just some money hungry person going after him. A second allegation makes you wonder what dark secrets he has.

I have issues with the accusers stories, I have issues with the possibility that they are being truthful. I really can’t and don’t want to take sides and defend someone who may not be innocent or start pointing a finger either.

There is no doubt that Kevin has done amazing things in his life, and honestly Kevin is Elmo. Kevin brought Elmo to life, the character of Elmo was on the verge of being scrapped when he breathed new life into the muppet and created the character we all know and love today.

Last year a documentary came out called Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey which was all about Kevin. It was here I went from knowing Elmo to really respecting the man behind the character.

As a parent there is the hard choice between choosing keeping Elmo alive or killing him.

There have been debates and talks about pulling all of the Elmo toys off the market and not airing shows with Elmo in it. Part of it is because Kevin gets a cut of the profits others are because of this icon is involved with children.

I’ve decided to keep Elmo alive.

Elmo is so much bigger then the man behind him.

Adam doesn’t know what accusations have been made, he doesn’t understand and that is not a dialogue that I am going to open up at the age of 2.

Why should I take the joy that Elmo brings away from Adam?

Elmo teaches us so much and is a comforting icon for so many children.

Adam is wearing his Elmo shirt today, his Christmas gifts are wrapped in Elmo paper and I know he’ll get excited to see Elmo in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It becomes harder for us adults to look at this icon knowing what’s been said and the complications of these allegations. It was a sad day on the street this week when Kevin resigned.

I’m going to let Adam’s innocents live a little longer.

I’ve learned that this world is a cruel harsh place this week and even a furry red character can break your heart.

Whatever Elmo’s fate is things will never be the same.

As for my respect for Kevin, the jury is still out on that one. Honestly that is what hurts the most.


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