The Art of the Hair Cut

Adam has needed his hair cut for a long time. He’s been looking like a shaggy kid with 3 inches of hair behind one ear and 1 in on the other. He also needed his bangs cut yet again.

My Mom has cut Adam’s bangs before. Whenever they get long she comes over with her scissors and just snips them off. Last night was going to be her first attempt at cutting the back of Adam’s hair.

We agreed we would see how it went but in the end we may have to take him somewhere if he wouldn’t let my Mom do it.


My Mom saw an opportunity where he was distracted and started to snip away. Every time the scissors made that snip sound Adam turned around with a smile. My Mom has the philosophy of just rolling with Adam and what he’s doing. She is completely right. She was able to get most of Adam’s hair cut standing at the counter.

He eventually got bored and we needed
to trim his bangs so we moved him into his chair at the table with the promise
of M & Ms or as he calls them “Yum M”


He was so good the entire time. He giggled and smiled and at M & Ms as my Mom worked away on his hair.


Now his hair is cut and he looks so much more grown up. At the back it’s still curling and we have to keep the length because his calming measure is twirling his hair so we can never buzz cut it.

For the foreseeable future we’ll be saving money on haircuts and just having my Mom do it. I kept thinking my Mom could be onto something. This event wasn’t traumatic to Adam, he was quite calm and happy through the whole process. How many parents would pay good money for a calm haircut for their kid?

Thank goodness I don’t have to fork out any money for that!


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