Christmas Cards

Why don’t more people send out Christmas Cards?

Is it because it takes too much time, or costs money to put them in the mail?

I started sending out Christmas Cards after Brian and I got married. We started to include a newsletter in them to keep people who we don’t talk to often in the loop of what is happening. I’ve had much positive feedback from those who receive the cards and newsletters.

It makes me sad though that people don’t take the time to sit and send Christmas Cards anymore. Yes we are constantly connected with Facebook and cell phones and the technology filled world we live in but there it a magic that comes with receiving a Christmas Card in the mail. Someone took just a minute out of their day, put a pen to paper and thought of you for a brief moment.

I personally love receiving cards in the mail. I get excited because it means someone took time out of their day to think of me. I also like to think of the journey that card took to get to me. When a card comes from far away or from someone I miss it makes me warm inside.

I wish more people sent cards. It can get very expensive and it takes a lot of time. I’m personally on day 4 of project Christmas Card.

I challenge you if you don’t send Christmas Cards to pick one person and send them a card this year. You’ll be surprised how such a small thing can bring so much joy to another person.


One thought on “Christmas Cards

  1. We send cards. Always. And always charity cards. And we make sure charities get all the money we pay.

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