See Santa Isn’t That Bad

This year’s Christmas photo with Santa is not as epic as last years. As it turns out Santa isn’t that bad of a guy. I wasn’t quite sure how Adam was going to do this year. He’s picking up on the whole Santa thing so I was optimistic. We arrived at the mall early, way too early but since it was near Brian’s work there was no sense in driving home then back when Santa arrived. So we ran circles around the mall for almost an hour and a half. I tried to do some shopping but Adam was on a mission to run, so run we did. He stopped and looked in the windows and admired the decorations until I finally dragged him to where Santa was. The photographers were just setting up and with 10 minutes I was the first in line. Perfect! In and out. By this point I was sweaty and exhausted. Adam on the other hand was getting angry that I was holding him so he wouldn’t run off and we would lose our place. When Santa came walking up his eyes lit up and he was so focused. I paid for the pictures, because after last year it didn’t matter if the picture was good or bad and we went up to Santa.

Adam gladly gave Santa a high-five and started jabbering to him about something. I asked if he wanted to give Santa a hug he didn’t but he was ok with sitting on Santa’s lap. Then began the fun of trying to get Adam to smile. I’m afraid I don’t have an exciting story here. We tried but Adam kept covering his mouth and look at us like we were crazy. After several shots I had a choice of a few and this is what we ended up with.



I can’t complain about this picture. It’s better than last year’s screaming fit (click here to see). I’m so glad I have this because it’s almost a year exactly between the two pictures. I can’t believe how much he has changed in that year. It’s making me a little sad to be honest. I’m having one of those Mommy moments however I’ll share those thoughts for a different blog.

I’m so excited that Adam is getting into Christmas, it’s making things so much more fun for myself as well as my family. I can’t wait for the real festivities to begin.


One thought on “See Santa Isn’t That Bad

  1. […] is one thing that I am committed to doing every year. The first year didn’t go so well. The second year we got an ok picture. Year three was much better than the previous […]

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