The Christmas That Was Different

Earlier I’ve mentioned that I work at a big box retailer. I’ve also blogged about the joys or not so joyful events of Christmas time in retail. I went into the Christmas season expecting one thing and ended up with the Christmas That Was Different.

Usually the day before Christmas  Eve we are beyond exhausted. We are disorganized and frazzled, we can’t wait for Boxing Day, Week and so on to be over. We’ve been yelled at for not having something in stock or for the lack of parking spots. We’ve heard the sob stories of how this could be Johnny’s last Christmas so he HAS to have the latest and greatest.

This year I’ve not encountered much of that. Customers are responding with “I understand you’re sold out, I shouldn’t have waited.” People have been able to find parking spots and have been in a generally good mood. There have also been many less of them.

There are is less stock, there are fewer customers and there is an obvious shift in the market from brick and mortar stores to the world of online shopping. I am guilty of doing at least half of my shopping online.

We’ve been able to have fun at work. We have taken time out to laugh and hug. Honestly this has been the least stressful, most fun Christmases I’ve had in retail.

We are wondering what the new year has in store for us. If we have been this slow over our busiest time of year will this continue? Hours will be cut back (however that can be a blessing in disguise.)

I now enter my busiest week of the year. While everyone is preparing to take time off I am planning on working as many hours as I can physically and mentally do. Tonight I will try to get as much sleep as possible because Christmas eve I’ll aim to get 7 hours of sleep and then the night from Christmas to Boxing Day I aim to get 4 hours.

I won’t put much thought into next Christmas yet. At least not until September of next year. I really can’t complain over the Christmas that was different this year. It was different in all the good ways.


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