The Art of Please and Thank You

I find some children are very rude. I’ve heard kids call their parents names, use vulgar language and act in such rude ways it’s repulsive.

It also doesn’t help that I work in a retail store in the more wealthy part of the city.

I wonder if parents realize that this behaviour is a direct reflection of their parenting and parenting choices.

It’s been a good thing because it’s made me enforce manners even more. We started with please. If Adam wanted something he had to ask for it saying please. We would not give it to him until that word came out of his mouth. Eventually when he really wanted something he added pretty to that please.

Once he mastered please we began with thanks. When he got what he wanted then we made sure he said thanks.

It wasn’t hard to get these two simple things into his daily routine and I feel like it’s a good start towards being a polite young boy. I wonder why other parents have had such a hard time with something so basic.

It went a step further today at the breakfast table. Adam let out a very large burp. I giggled and before I could say “excuse you” he looked at me with a smile and said “excuse me!”

It’s a good thing Santa comes tonight because Adam you have been beyond a good boy lately.

Deep down I certainly hope that his behaviour is a direct reflection of Brian and I. I like what I see in this reflection.


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