The 2013 List

Happy New Year! As January 1st is here it is time for another so-called list. As I have mentioned before I have begun to hate resolutions so I just write a list of things I would like to accomplish this year. Last year I accomplished 6 of 11 things so some of those things are carried over to this year. I have added several new things as well.

  1. Finish 2010 Scrapbook
  2. Start & Finish 2011 Scrapbook
  3. Start & Finish 2012 Scrapbook
  4. Start & Finish 2013 Scrapbook
  5. Start & Finish Adam’s First Year Scrapbook (October 2010-October 2011)
  6. Start & Finish Adam’s Second Year Scrapbook (October 2011 – October 2012)
  7. Start & Finish Adam’s 3rd Year Scrapbook (October 2012 – October 2013)
    These first 7 are pretty self explanatory. I am very behind in my scrapbooking and every year I try to get caught up. I slowly chip away at each one in chronological order and one day will finally get caught up. (At least that is what I keep telling myself.)
  8. Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    This has been on my list for years and years, I am looking street cred at work so I HAVE to watch all 3 extended versions this year.
  9. Lose 10 Pounds
    So 10 Pounds isn’t a lot however I have to purchase a bridesmaids dress and if I lose more than that I may end up in a situation where the dress is too big and can’t be altered and I am not in a position to buy two dresses. I also set the bar low. Last year I lost 15 pounds and honestly that was way harder than it should be. It’s a daily battle and some days I don’t want to fight it. I figure 10 pounds is attainable, if I lose more great, if I don’t I understand that it’s not as easy as everyone will tell you it is.
  10. Go Shopping in the States
    After years of not having a passport and being stuck in Canada we finally broke down and got them. I can finally leave the country so I want to take at least one good shopping trip down there. It’s been 4 or 5 years since I’ve done that so I’m saving pennies and have my eyes set on at least one day trip.
  11. Rekindle my passion for Photography
    I love photography and choosing to put my business on the back burner last year was a hard choice. It’s become apparent to me that I need to hone my skill and take some time to rekindle that passion I had when I first got my camera. I have some ideas on how to do this and I will be blogging about the process once I have it all figured out myself.
  12. Read 10 Books
    I am happy that I was able to get through 12 books in 2012. I started a book back in October and haven’t really touched it. It always seems that this time of year reading gets thrown on the back burner. So 10 books in my eyes is reasonable. I really enjoyed reading and blogging about them last year so I’ll keep the number at 10.
  13. Go to the beach
    Adam loved the beach last year that I am going to make an effort to go to the beach more often this year. It’s a lot of work but it is a lot of fun as well.
  14. Go to the Zoo
    I think we started an annual tradition in the summer going to the zoo, so I’d like to take Adam again being a little older it will be a whole new experience and we so loved the last one.
  15. Work on increasing viewership on my blog.
    Last year was a fantastic year on my blog, it’s turned into more than I imagined. I still feel it could be even better. So I am going to spend some time this year making my blog better and hopefully hitting my goal for views by the end of the year.
  16. Be a better Mom, Wife and Person
    I’ve not always been the best that I could be this past year so I am making a commitment to be a better Mom, Wife and Person in general.
  17. Take a Deep Breath
    I don’t do this enough, maybe once every few months. I think I need to do it more often
  18. Have Fun & Embrace Life
    I think I try to do this anyways everyday but I think again I could do better. Life is short and fragile, I’m getting older everyday. I better have some fun now before it’s too late.

One thing I am going to start today, which my friend Amanda at work told me about and then another friend the day after posted on her wall is a Happiness Jar. You get an empty jar and a pile of paper. Starting on January 1st every good thing that happens to you, you write on the paper and put in the jar. Then at the end of the year you sit and read all of the good things that happened to you in the previous year. I loved this idea from the second she told me about it. It can be something so small or the big things but it can only be positive notes. I think this will be a wonderful and easy way to remember and reflect on all the good things that happen in the previous year. (In the back of my head it also made me jump up and down because it makes for easy blog material.) I hope others can share in this too and maybe we can all share in the good things together.

So there you have it. Things I would like to do in 2013. Of course I will be blogging about all the adventures, misadventures and craziness of life this year and you can watch and see if I will ever get caught up on scrapbooking or find my love for photography again.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I’d like to wish all of my followers a fulfilling 2013.


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