Failing Already

It’s 4 days into the new year and I feel like I am failing  my list already. Number 16 on my 2013 list was to be a better Wife, Mom and Person.

I have failed miserably at this already.

It’s not Adam’s fault. He’s being his normal crazy self however I just do not have the energy or the patience to deal with it. The selfish person in me wants to curl up into bed for a whole day or hide in my office with a cup of coffee and scrapbook. However reality is Adam isn’t napping, my house is a mess because I was working so much that I didn’t have time to clean and well I don’t have the energy or motivation to put into these things.

Brian’s Mom is over right now so I’ve been able to put away the Christmas stuff and I can finally see my craft desk again. The main floor however is going to need some serious attention at some point.

I know what I need to fix this. I need my house to be clean, then I need a few days with no obligations, no responsibility to sleep for 12 hours straight and just do some things for me to refresh and re-energize from the Christmas season.

Well that was a nice image in my mind, I better go get another cup of coffee and start the next task because really, what I want to happen and what will really happen are two different things.


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