It’s just a belt. . . Or is it?

As I sit here in my bedroom with Adam he’s playing with all the exciting things in my dresser drawer.

The importance of imaginary play can be spread out over several blogs and there is something so magical about it. The things that Adam is coming up with just amaze me.

His favorite this morning has been my belt. It has been a skipping rope, a snake and a seat belt for a car. Adam insists I put my seatbelt on and the. I have to drive my car, then when I stop my car he takes my seatbelt off and the belt turns into something else.

I will not correct him and tell him it’s just a belt. Anything in this world can be whatever he imagines it to be. That is where some of the best inventions in the world come from.

Another one of his favorite items is my bra. He puts it on and believes it’s a backpack. Maybe that is why he continues to shove things down my cleavage. Maybe I’ve spent my entire life looking at my bras in the wrong way.

I need to start looking at things a little like Adam, not what the item is meant to do, but what it can do.

The toddlers mind is an amazing thing.


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