Spring Cleaning

So I realize we’re only in January so call me crazy but this week I am going to start my spring cleaning. You’re thinking I’m crazy but my philosophy is as follows.

It’s freezing cold out. I don’t want to go out. There is not enough snow to play and did I mention it’s cold out? I was eating breakfast this morning thinking why wait until the weather gets nice to do a deep clean and purge? When the weather is nice I want to be out in it. I want to be at the park playing, at the beach or on my lawn chair with a book.

I have lots of free time. Yes I would love to sit and watch movies, scrapbook, read or play video games but all of these things with the exception if scrapbooking I can do on my patio chair when the weather is nice. I also have a thing where unless my house is clean I have a hard time doing something for myself. I find if I am in a clean organized environment I function better, am more creative and enjoy “me” time much more.

Before things get cleaner they always get messier. My house is acceptable but as I was working so much over November and December papers got piled up, things got shoved places to deal with later and so on. Tax time is upon us so I might as well dig out all those papers and not discover them after the fact.

I am motivated to do this now. Why wait for a calendar to tell me when to clean? I feel like doing some deep cleaning and reorganizing now. I might as well embrace and channel that energy as much and for as long as I can. Who knows when I’ll feel like this again.

I may post pictures and stories of my cleaning and discoveries. Maybe you’ll be inspired too to start your cleaning projects and get ahead of the game.

Honestly I’m really craving the nice weather’s return. I’m missing the warm air and time running around the park. Maybe I can trick Mother Nature in the process as well.


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I could use some of your cleaning inspiration! My apartment needs it!

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