I Hate Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day. I have always found it has never really met my expectations. I go to bed thinking what a cruddy day and think about all the money that is wasted that could go to better things. Still I feel obligated to get my boys something. Adam is still so innocent and I do love Brian so I should tell him, though I try to do it everyday. I woke up and went to set up the gifts on the table and found a card resting at Adam’s bedroom door. This was unexpected, it said that I was his first valentine and he couldn’t ask for a better one. The inside was signed by Adam in Brian’s recognizable writing. It was so very sweet and unexpected, the day started off good.

When Adam woke up I asked him what today was and he looked and hummed and I said it was Valentine’s Day. His eyes opened wide and I asked him what it meant. He responded with “eat chocolate” well he wasn’t wrong and damn he’s cute when he says stuff like that. We gave hugs and kisses and I took him downstairs to get his treasures.





I guess I should say I normally hate Valentine’s Day. Today I don’t so much, how can I not love that smile, the small joy of eating some chocolate before breakfast and the innocence of Adam with his large unbroken heart. I guess going forward I will have to embrace Valentine’s Day and make my boys smile. At least until Adam has his heart broken the first time and then we can commiserate about this silly holiday together.

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