Something Special

Today as Adam and I were driving home from Walmart, I took an opportunity to make a normal outing into something special.

We were driving past the fire station and the fire truck was out in the driveway and the fireman was doing his weekly tests of the gauges and such. When we pulled unto the parking lot he waved and told motioned me to wait. He went into the station and came out with a bag for Adam.

We started talking and he wasn’t going anywhere so we were welcome to come and sit in the truck and check everything out.

Adam was so excited but didn’t say a word. He didn’t want to sit in the truck but he was happy to listen to the fireman talk about the engine.


We thanked the fireman and went on our way. The second we got in the car Adam started babbling on about the truck and how we wanted to go back to the fire truck station.

I love that it only took 15 minutes out of the day to turn it into something special for Adam.


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