My Child Loves a Mess

I’m finding myself with a situation on my hands. Adam seems to love a mess. This is a trait Brian has and it’s not necessarily a bad thing however when you mix that with a border line OCD neat freak it can be enough to result in me being institutionalized.

I have been trying to organize things in a way that makes it easy to clean up. I tend to be completely crazy over things you can see, but if it’s in a cupboard or behind a door I don’t freak out so much over it.

I understand and respect that everyone thrives in a different environment. I try to embrace it and accept it however it is causing a lot of stress for me. Adam loves a mess. The second I clean up he dumps out every single container I just put away and spreads it over every single square inch of the floor. I sit and look and wonder why he can’t just pull a bin out, play with it and go to something else. Yes I realize I am talking about a two-year old, but he will dump everything out, every single toy he owns and then sit down and read a book.

In all honestly he is much happier when the area he is in looks like a war zone. Maybe this wouldn’t be a huge issue if Adam picked up when we are done. Cleaning up ends up being a battle, sometimes he is more than happy to pick up his toys but more times than not it really upsets him.

I’m not even sure where to go from here. I laugh and shake my head and clean up. He is like a tornado, a clean house with Adam in it lasts about 15 minutes. I keep trying to teach Adam how to clean up his toys. Reasoning with a two-year old is difficult sometimes. I also don’t want to prevent him from thriving if he plays and creates better in a complete mess.

I will give Adam credit where it is due and he loves to sweep, vacuum and dust. He loves to help in the garden and shovel snow which to me means there is still hope for my child.

If you hear I have been locked away please feel free to come and visit me. A two-year old might just be the thing that does me in!

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