What Did You Say?

I guess we’re into that stage in life. Adam is repeating things, he’s picking things up and things that I thought were harmless aren’t as harmless as they appear.

I’ll start with what he said yesterday –

For those who didn’t understand what he said it was “Dirty Ho(e) Right There” 

Now my reaction to this was to laugh until I was crying and then try to pick my jaw up off the ground. In all fairness he wasn’t saying what I am portraying him to say, he was actually referring to an actual dirty hoe because he’s two. Besides the garden tool, what other context would he mean.

You ask where would he learn that from? Well his favourite movie at the moment Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat.

In all fairness the MPAA did rate the movie PG for adult humour and sexual innuendos  Even as Adam watches this movie I say to myself and everyone in the room that this movie really isn’t a kids movie. I have however continued to let him watch it because he loves it so much and by letting him watch this I don’t have to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas twice a day anymore.

That decision bit me in the butt yesterday as my son continued to say dirty hoe over and over and cackle like a mad man.

Once I wiped the tears from my eyes and picked my jaw up the ground, I strategically distracted Adam and hid the disc out of his reach. I then sat there and cursed Mike Myers, and Bo Welch under my breath for taking a children’s classic and something that could have been so magical like The Grinch and turning it into something that I’ll have to going forward deny Adam watching.

Of course my child has to pick up the one adult joke that if said in public could be followed up with a world of hurt. Not to mention will bring my parenting into question and cause people to wonder who we’ve been calling a “dirty hoe”.

Today will be the first day without watching The Cat in the Hat. I’m sure there will be a meltdown when I lie and say the disc is missing. It’ll be interesting to see if he remembers this phrase, and how I go about correcting him.

As I mentioned before, he wasn’t entirely wrong. There was a dirty hoe on TV.


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