Imagine the music from The Great Escape. Now picture Adam dressed as a ninja. His stealth ability is impressive and the way he moves so quietly is the skill of a master who has trained for years.

Yesterday after years of plotting Adam did it! He finally escaped from his crib.

The fact that he was so quiet about it was impressive. The only thing that was heard was a thump comparable to Adam dropping a book out of his crib. He was quite proud of himself when Brian and I stood at the bottom of the stairs while he stood at the top holding a duster like a trophy.

Now we’re at the point that we seriously have to discuss changing the crib into a bed. Honestly I’m not ready to grant such freedom to Adam. In my mind I picture him getting up at 1am, turning on his light and having a wild party in his room.

Parents who have successfully transitioned your child to a bed – what did you do? I really value my sleep so the idea of going back to getting up several times a night is not appealing.

Until we convert the crib to a bed I’ll trust in the four walled cage I’ve been placing him in to keep him contained. Maybe he’ll find escaping too much work and give up on the idea all together.


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