The Indecisive Toddler

I can’t decide what is worse, a tantrum thrown by a two year old or their indecisiveness. Or even better the tantrum that follows a decision made by a two year old.

I understand that a two year old has an attention span of about 2 – 5 minutes. I also understand that they don’t fully understand consequences related to their behaviour.

I also believe that to a point Adam can express what he wants and I try to accommodate and respect his requests to a degree. Up to this point he hasn’t had much of a say in how things go like what he eats, or watches or plays with. I am also trying to strike a balance and engrain that you can’t always get your way.

This is how things go in the house.

Me – “Adam would you like Kraft Dinner or Pizza for dinner.”
Adam – “Pizza!”
I make the pizza and put it in front of him.
Adam – “Mommy, where Kraft Dinner?”
This comment usually is followed by a large melt down and Adam not eating anything for dinner.

Another example

Adam – “Watch George Clock.”
So I run upstairs and get the DVD, put it in and hit play.
Adam – “Mommy, no George, watch Wiggles” This is said in a very weak attempt at a fake cry.
I then put in the Wiggles DVD. He is excited until the first song plays then asks me to put on the next song. We end up fast forwarding through the entire DVD and then he’s upset at the end.

Everything is like this. Going to the store, every meal, every activity and bed time.

When he does find something and sticks with it or there is no fight it’s like it was a miracle.

It’s exhausting trying to get things done or to do anything fun with Adam.

Getting in the car results in a meltdown, when we finally get to the destination he’s fine and into it but then when it’s time to go there is another meltdown.

Yes it’s just a phase, I’m hoping that it’s a short lived phase. Or at least one that is improved when the weather is a little nicer and we can play outside everyday.

Today has been one of those days. Bed time can’t come fast enough.


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